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About LushTums

LushTums offers nourishing and active Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Birth Preparation Courses, Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga, Women’s Yoga & Doula services, across Sussex and soon the UK. Providing a welcoming and supportive community for all pregnant women, whether its your first pregnancy or if you’ve been here before!


Our Mission

We want you enjoy this experience as fully as possible – so all our classes are designed to meet your individual mind, body and emotional needs session by session. Having time to relax and connect with yourself reduces stress, improves health and makes you feel more confident and happy. Making you happy, makes us happy!

Why LushTums?

Classes began in 2007 in Brighton, by founder Clare Maddalena, who has now worked with over 3000 women. The feedback received has been phenomenal. Classes have been helping women experience pregnancy, birth and all the new-ness of becoming a mummy more positively, as well as helping create a special community of support and lasting friendships.



Clare has now trained 10 LushTums teachers who are offering Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation classes across Sussex. We are training more teachers to bring LushTums Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga and WiggleBums classes to more locations across the UK. If you are interested in training with us, get in touch for all the info.



We love to hear everyone’s Birth Announcements and Birth Stories and to share your gorgeous baby photos on our Baby Wall of LushTums Fame!! Email your updates and top tips for Birth and new life as a Mummy so we can share this in class and on our lovely Facebook community.

Benefits & Testimonials

All delivered in a down to earth, friendly way. Everyone is welcome, all classes are drop in, we keep it flexible to suit you.
Antenatal information & signposting, so you can make your own unique, informed, confident decisions along your journey.
Enjoy a deep Relaxation at the end of class gives you and your bump some much needed R&R from today’s busy world.
Learn mindfulness practices to listen to your body, follow your instincts, connect with your baby and release tensions & fears.
As these are very popular, so please email the teacher directly to book your first session – then you can just drop in after that. Learn movements & breathing practices to help you feel balanced, calm, re-charged and nourished to help you cope with and enjoy pregnancy and birth.
Classes keep you relaxed, fit & healthy throughout your pregnancy and can help keep common pregnancy ailments at bay.
With practice, essential breathing and movements to help with birth are remembered automatically helping in many cases to promote a smooth and easier birth.